We were in his rooftop terrace, alone, surrounded by buildings full of people.Right there and then, I decided that I wanted to take some pictures and shoot a video of myself.

While he went to get his camera, I got undressed.

My goal was to experiment, being naked and feeling free. The idea that people might catch a glimpse of my exposed body aroused me. At the same time, I sought to get rid of toxic prejudices I had at the time.

Mental Blocks

The situation was completely unplanned. I didn’t know how to begin, I was stuck. Even though I wanted to allow myself to get carried away, it was quite hard for me to let go.

Then, he got close to me; he calmed me down and made me feel safe. We had not foreseen any of this happening. It was completely unexpected.

He started to kiss me, to touch me

His hands, his fingers… so soft and tender… stroking my bare skin… I wanted more. I felt his erection.

He led me to the mists of the most deafening pleasure and decisively he went down on me, no questions asked.

Getting carried away

The door that led back into the building was left ajar. I could hear people talking nearby. It made me so horny…

His sole goal was to give me pleasure. His lips, my pussy, it made me so wet. I felt cold, shame, intense pleasure. It was a magic mix of feelings.

Somehow it hurt but it also made me feel free. I wanted more.

I pressed my sex against his mouth. I got goosebumps when his hands found my breasts and my nipples hardened. I leaned against the wall and I let myself get swept away by passion. His desire was to satisfy me, I could feel it.

When we finished…

He was so kind… He hugged me and thanked me for trusting him. I knew what I wanted, to seduce him.

That is how this video came to be. From the pleasure of sharing, desire and immense gratitude. I felt safe and loved. With him, I could finally be myself.

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