Time goes by

And it seems to never stop. It seems there is not enough time to enjoy, feel and be thankful for everything life has to offer:

Small things in our everyday life, sharing, enjoying and being our best selves when we least expect it.

Sexuality and knowledge

This year I have come to know how important both, pleasure and enjoying my polisexuality are for me. Becoming aware of how my energy recharges when I share and I enjoy with the people I choose, has been an absolute revelation.

Sex is knowledge; a gate that takes us to the wisdom within ourselves: it helps us getting to know ourselves better, connecting with our own being, freeing ourselves from restrained emotions and accepting our desires just as much as our darkness without prejudice.


Growth and pleasure

Personally, I work on my sexuality every day in order to have a better relationship with myself.

I need to live experiences that help me grow through my sexual energy and that allow me to unravel the mysteries within my own being.

I enjoy sharing this passion with the people I am with.


For all this I am grateful. To this day, I can share my experiences and my sexuality in this blog while also enjoying thoroughly the intimacy I have with other people.

I am looking forward to continuing sharing my sexual energy with those who choose me and whom I choose.

Let’s be grateful for everything the universe sends our way; because we are all connected and we are part of something that keeps us together.


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