Sex On Period, explosive as a volcano, wild as a whirlwind. You never cease to surprise me every time you come.

It’s been quite hard to accept the process. I didn’t understand you, let alone want you. I didn’t know what your purpose was in my life…

You came to me while I was still very young. I was the first in my class to bleed. That first time you came, I felt afraid, confused and in pain.

No one had talked to me about you. From that moment onwards I have tried to tame you in every way I can think of. It is my way to deal with the rage and the pain you make me feel.

Trying to Control you Wasn’t Right the Way

Eventually, I understood that it wasn’t about controlling you, but to allow you to go through the process you needed to go through. Menstruation doesn’t mean pain.

It’s a whole 28-day cycle. It’s a gift that helps me create, connect with my inner world and transform myself. My connexion with the universe.

It teaches me to love and take care of myself. As well as not being hard on myself because I am not perfect.

I shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed or if my emotions are all over the place. I live my sexuality through my emotions.

It inspires me, I feel the connection with my intuition strengthen and I become more aware of the energy that surrounds me.

As hard as this process may be, I know that I won’t feel disappointed because it will bring out the knowledge and the power that can be found within me.

feel sexual


My period deeply purifies my body, my emotions and renovates my energy.

It enlightens me and purifies my sexual power. Bleeding is not shameful. It shouldn’t be hidden.

Sex While on Your Period

I feel more sexual than ever. My instincts kick in.

I allow myself to enjoy my own body, enjoy caressing, touching and feeling my bleeding.

I free myself from social prejudices. All the latent sexual energy that has been trapped within me is finally free.

I allow it to escape my body by living my sexuality my own way.

The more I allow my emotions and my sexual energy to flow freely, the less pain I feel while I’m on my period. It helps me heal my memories.



Nowadays I always get it on each full moon. It renews my energy, finishes some processes and it gives me clarity to see things from a different perspective.

Even if I am exhausted by the end of it, I have never felt so happy and grateful since I finally learnt to accept myself and the changes my body goes through.


Having sex while on your period, be it on your own or with someone else is still taboo in our society.

This needs to change. Women need

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