Healthy Relationships.

When I am in a relationship I want to live it to the fullest, from the truest and deepest love.I want to experience the relationship freely, away from social taboos, labels and unnecessary attachments.

Love can be given and shown in many different ways and all of them are valid. Relationships are just a part of me, a part of my life, but there’s much more to it.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair for me or the people I choose to be in a relationship with. If all you care, worry and think about are relationships they become toxic.

You belong to no one, just as no one belongs to you. Many people believe they are someone else’s most special person. This is a mistake. You shouldn’t feel special because someone else thinks so. You should feel special because you are so.

Living Life Freely

Every relationship allows me to learn more about myself and the person I am with. Those are the relationships that I value the most. They change me.

I like giving the best of myself. However, when someone tries to take advantage of me, I break it off straight away. It’s not healthy. You should run your own life. Living freely is what allows you to get to know yourself better and make your own rules.

If you decide to give yourself to someone, do it for yourself, not so that you are needed by someone else. By giving yourself to someone what I mean is: live the moment to the fullest and allow yourself to enjoy that relationship as much as possible.

But don’t do it expecting the other person to do the same. We all want to experience different things in our lives. Relationships enhance those experiences. They allow us to see them, feel them and transcend them.

Relationships are not the source of the problem. The problem is how you decide to experience them.


The First Relationship

Is there anyone special in my life? myself. The first and most important relationship I have is with myself.

My relationships with the people I love come after that. I love sharing parts of myself with them. I am never the same with different people.

Not because I’m trying to hide anything, just because each person awakens something different in me, a different part of my whole self. I am what I want to share in that moment.

Sex is not a Must

Sex is not a must in a relationship. It’s a way of expressing yourself and sharing. We shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. For me, it’s a road to transcendence. No masks, just plain truth. The freedom of living your emotions freely and finding yourself.

I know that this way of living is not for everybody. Not because they can’t do it, but because many people don’t allow themselves to live their relationships without having any strings attached, by understanding that you don’t own your partner.


Relationships shouldn’t tie you down, they should be your companion along the way. Some of those relationships will come with us until the end. Some others will not.

In some cases we may have already lived what we had to live together. However, they will always be a part of us. We are always connected.

We can learn from all our relationships. Live them to the fullest, enjoy the moment and internalise what you have learnt. Love, feel, enjoy, share…

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