Welcome to my mystical and thrilling sexual world!

You might be wondering who I am or why I’m here … Well, everything started nine years ago, when I first found myself working in the field of sexuality.

I was very young and inexperienced but there was something that appealed to me and gave me the strength to get deeper into the sexual world.

I did not know how to explain exactly how, but somehow I felt that it was not the first time I had started this path.

Something innate inside me told me that it was right and, although I did not understand it at the time, I decided to trust my instincts.

It was a very delicate time in my life

But, what had happened to me before this revelation prompted me to take this step? It was a very delicate period in my life in which I was not at my best.

At that time, I was pushed out of my comfort zone by some circumstances that made me feel trapped and profoundly vulnerable.

This situation encouraged me to get to know myself better, to discover new things about myself and to use that strength to move on and move forward.

Perhaps, if I had not gone through these experiences I would not be who I am today. Maybe I would not have dared to open up and get involved in the sexual world. Because of this I am very proud of myself.

Sexual World

This work has allowed me to work on different facets of the sexual world. Along the way I have met wonderful people who have supported me and helped me grow.

It has also allowed me to experiment with myself and get to know body much better. I has helped me free myself from taboos and countless social fears.

Above all, it has allowed me to see the lack of information and knowledge that people have regarding sex, eroticism and their own bodies.

Many people do not even know their own tastes for fear of being honest with themselves. There are countless taboos that prevent us from fully enjoying our sexuality by repressing and blocking our own pleasure.

Now, I start a new phase in which through this blog I’m going to open up to the world


Sexual Freedom

It’s time for me to put forward my knowledge. On this blog I will share my experiences, my learnings, my recommendations and thoughts.

My intentions are clear: to shed light on the most unknown aspects of sexuality, open minds and help people regardless of their sex or sexual preferences and dispel any absurd prejudices surrounding sexuality.

Since the world of sexuality and eroticism is so broad and there is always something new to learn I would love keep learning with you.

I would like this space to become a prejudice-free space, fun, positive and enriching in which you can laugh, share, be honest with yourself and above all learn many exciting things.


Giovanna Moon