Mexico is such a especial place. It has a very primitive sexual energy that transforms you. It’s water, passional and feminine… For people like me, who are particularly sensitive to these energies, they don’t go unnoticed. This sexual energy wants to flow back into the woman, so that she can use it and live her sexuality.

Every time I travel to Mexico, my sexuality transforms. I live enriching experiences that put me to the test. 

The Decision

Whenever I am there, I do photo shoots for different photographers. I try to transmit whatever they need of me. I do it for them. In this occasion I had decided to do something different. I hired a photographer I hadn’t met before. I wanted to see how I would get on with him. I only heard of him a few days before I went there. I liked his work a lot, so I decided to get in contact. The day before the photo shoot we met and I told him what I had in mind.

I knew that I wanted to explore and experiment with my own nudity, but I could have never imagined what I was going to experience.

sexual experience

Photo Shoot: The Beginning

I decided to have the photo shoot in my hotel room. Things went smoothly as I tried new lingerie. I changed my clothes in front of him, exposing my naked body. I felt comfortable and safe, it felt as if we already knew each other.

Photo Shoot: Getting There

Even though I got more and more comfortable, I knew I wasn’t getting to my full potential and he could tell. Without saying a word, we both knew he wanted to break my limits. He strove to make me feel comfortable and safe. He wanted to get to see my most private side. He asked me to play with my body, to touch myself, to listen to my body and allow my most sexual side go wild. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed. His way of working was completely different from mine. I could have told him to adapt to my own needs, but this was the experience I wanted to live.


He was very demanding, he wanted me to not be afraid, to take control. He asked me to masturbate, to enjoy my body. I decided to do so and I don’t regret it one bit. I masturbated in front of him. I allowed myself to enjoy and let go. I was horny, aroused, excited… He knew, just by looking at my body.

Within myself I found a woman who was free, confident, sexually powerful and not afraid of her own feelings.

experiencia sexual


When I became aware of this, everything changed and my energy expanded. His encouraging words weren’t important any more. Now it was all about me enjoying a wonderful sensory experience. I was the only thing that was important.

It worked out perfectly and every look and every movement of my body was proof of it.


Living this experience led me to make an important decision: sharing with the world the most sexual side of my sexuality. I will share it along with my other videos as part of my erotic and sensual art.

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