It’s late and I can’t sleep. My head keeps spinning, I can’t keep still and it’s very hot.

I find it impossible to sleep… My clothes feel too tight so I take them off. Naked, under the sheets, I try to find the best posture to finally get to sleep.

Despite my nakedness, it’s still very hot. I feel restless. My body is not cooperating. It’s not going to let me sleep until I am satisfied.


I let my hands run along my skin; down my waist, my stomach… I open my legs instinctively.

My hands, however, don’t stop at my sex; they keep going down my legs, my thighs… I twist and thrust, moving my hips and my buttocks, as I feel my sex brushing against the sheets, making them damp. I open my buttocks, the pleasure is so intense that I start to moan.

My hands find my breasts, my stomach, my pelvis. My nipples demand some attention, they are so hard… I pinch them with my fingers. I squeeze them, rub them and take them to my mouth. I lick them hard. I want to touch them, to taste them…

My tongue wants to run down my body. I’m so horny now. My body shudders more and more every second. I want to be wild, uninhibited, to enjoy as much as I want, feeling safe and without prejudice.


My vagina

My vagina guides me through my own pleasure: “Go on, don’t be shy, let it out, moan, let them hear you, it doesn’t matter if it’s late, forget about the neighbours.

Taste your fingers, make them wet and bring them to me.

Open yourself completely, enjoy the whore within yourself, the woman who enjoys her own body, who accepts pleasure without prejudice.

Grab your ass, tightly. Spank yourself! Do you still want more? Then just ask me, I’m here to please us both. To climax together.

You are so beautiful. I love your face when you are so full of desire… And when the pleasure is so intense that you can’t help closing your legs…

Sit near the edge of the bed, you’ll see how that makes it even better.

Everything in this room can be sexually stimulating, all you need to do is use your imagination.

Do whatever you feel like doing. Pull your hair, grab your neck, enjoy the feast.

Do you want to be on all fours? Do it, don’t overthink it. Touch me, rub me, and fantasize as much as you want.

Let my words sink. You can be as naughty as you want, don’t limit yourself. I want you to let go and enjoy.

You are a whore who enjoys the pleasure her body has to offer. Say it!

You are nearly there… just a bit more. Why don’t you take your vibrator? Turn it on and press it against your clit… You are ready”.

The orgasm

I take the vibrator from the bedside table. I don’t want to stop. I keep touching myself, moaning, non-stop. I push the vibrator hard on my clit, as I keep thrusting and shaking with pleasure. I moan loudly as I implode, I taste the freedom… and it comes unannounced. The orgasm.

My body shudders, I can’t feel my head. I am in the clouds, I want to close my eyes and sleep tight. “Thank you for everything you gave me tonight.”

“Sleep now, my dear, you’ll see how wonderful and beautiful you feel in the morning. Don’t forget that if you can’t sleep, I’m always here for you.” and took advantage of my essence, my body and my mind.

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