As I told you in a previous post My First Times, when it comes to sex, we experience many first times.

Today I want to talk to you about what I consider my “first time sex”. The first time I had sex.

The First Time I Had Sex  

I lost my virginity to a woman. Interestingly enough, I haven’t always been sure about this. Society and religion led me to believe that the only way for me to lose my virginity was by having a man put his penis inside my vagina. That, however, wasn’t my case.

She was 17, I was 14. We were both part of a group of four friends. She was the most experienced. She was a friend my family didn’t approve of.

A rebel “bad girl” who would sneak out to smoke and who had already experimented with sex. She would often talk to us about her sexual experiences but none of us dared ask her anything.

She was big, tall and curvy. Her breast fully developed. I was the opposite, short, with small breasts and a lot thinner.

BYE BYE, Virginity

My first time with her didn’t happen on a bed, not even in a bedroom. It all happened in the patio in her house. We had built a “fort” using boxes and blankets. In there, we had a conversation about the differences in our bodies.

She was very confident and she knew her body well. It wasn’t hard for her to tell me where to touch her.

I complied while she caressed me softly. She did it slowly and my body reacted to her touch. She was the first to put her fingers inside me. I cannot express with words the pleasure I felt. We were hiding and we had to be as quiet as possible.

We didn’t want anyone to find us. That made it even more exciting. My genitals touched hers. I felt a constant pain from my pubis to my head. The more I enjoyed it, the more I felt it. It wasn’t all a bed of roses.

We were two girls who didn’t love each other and all we wanted to do was satisfy each other’s instincts as well as our own. However, the whole experience was different from the idealised version that people tell you about.

my fisrt time

Sexual Arousal

At that moment, I didn’t understand what being aroused meant. With time, I discovered I experienced the same feeling whenever I had sex. My point is that at the time I wasn’t aware of what that moment meant for me, but now I am. It was my “first time sex”.

My first sexual experience happened when I allowed myself to just enjoy. I wasn’t pressured into it and I didn’t care about social taboos or having high expectations.

With her I also discovered and experimented arousal and desire for the first time.

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