Eroticism is a wide bed in which everyone can enjoy and live their own sexual desires from the safety of their own imagination.

Eroticism surrounds you.

You might experience it in many different ways, through any of your five senses. It allows us to open up our imagination, captivating us with every touch, making us enjoy the most exquisite pleasure. Eroticism is a highly creative energy. It can be found in our day to day, in any kind of artistic expression as well as in our own memories.

Eroticism is teasing and provocation

It may start in your mind but you feel it in your body. It is what makes people desire and imagine how it would be to get intimate with the person we are attracted to. If you allow yourself to enjoy what your imagination gives you, you will awake your sexual energy. Eroticism is all about having fun and making up your own stories in which no one can judge you. You are the focus, the central element of the story and you and only you decide what happens next.

We are unique

Each person experiences eroticism in a different way. Our own tastes, the education we have received and what kind of taboos we might have regarding our own sexuality, will influence the way we experience it.

There are different degrees of eroticism – from sensuality and seduction to more explicit sexual exhibitionism. What for someone might be sexual and arousing, someone else might find beautiful and sensual, while a third person might consider it tasteless or pornographic.

For me eroticism means…

Beauty and seduction. It is both, sensual and sexual. I feel it in my daily life, when I seduce myself, in the shape of my body… I make up my own fantasies that awaken my arousal and lead me to feel what it would be like to be in those situations. Some days, one of those ideas might get stuck in my head, and every time I think of it a feeling of lust goes through my whole body.

The tale

Not long ago, I was given a book of erotic tales – I just loved it. Each story awoke something in me. I saw myself as the main character of those tales. One of the stories was about a woman who engaged in a sexual experience with more than one person. When I thought of myself as her, it made me feel free and powerful. My mind and my body could feel her words one by one. I must admit that the more I got into it, the hornier I got and the more I wanted to become her and feel her body as mine.

That is what I want to experience: the feeling of being wanted and becoming eroticism by using my sexual power.

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