Ever since I was very young I have always found sexuality, mysticism and spirituality very intriguing.

I felt drawn to them. I was raised in a very religious and protective environment in which living your sexuality, as anyone would, was not allowed. Everything was taboo.

I was born with a degenerative illness, which made my family overprotect me so that I wouldn't suffer.

In spite of this, suffering has always been part of my life. Did I have a happy childhood?

I would say it was a period in my life full of contradictions: ever since I was little I felt loved and protected by my family, they taught me to be strong and hide my emotions, my concerns and everything my body was making me feel.

Despite all this, I knew there was something transcendental beyond.

My illness


I don't have a common illness.

It even has a weird name (multiple hereditary exostoses or familial osteochondromatosis).

From a very young age up until today, I've had to undergone surgery over ten times in order to stabilise my body. I'm still learning how to manage physical pain, even after a successful stabilisation.

One of my surgeon's recommendations was to exercise often. That is how at a very young age I came upon one of my passions: dancing. Through dancing I found magic. Through dancing I discovered sensuality.


I started to explore sexuality


I decided to start exploring the concept of sexuality six years ago. My only goal was to help heal my body through it (check out the post Reborn to Grow for more details).

I was lucky enough to have my own mentor who helped me take my firsts steps. With her, I learnt about sexual energy.

I also realised that I felt really comfortable working my sexuality and my energy was remarkably sexual. I started to perform moon rituals. I would get undressed and discover more about myself and what I really wanted.

I kept on learning


I continued practising astrology and learning about Kabbalah, my new tools that helped me expand my knowledge. I complemented this with another activity: yoga. As an actress, I delved into the complex world of emotions, how to identify and manage them.

I consider myself extremely lucky, as I have always found myself surrounded by people who have helped me along the way.




Doctors always said that the only treatment for my illness was to go under the knife (which would be painful). However, the more I worked on my spiritual side, the more aware I was that surgery wasn't the only way to get better. My illness wasn't just a physical matter.

It was connected to my mind, my emotions.

I decided to heal in a less aggressive way, by merging my spiritual and my physical sides.




What started as a way to heal myself, slowly evolved into my own way of living. Thanks to the decisions I have taken, I have left behind many toxic preconceptions that have helped me become more aware of everything that is around me – although, I know that there are many others that I'll face in the future.

I am coming to terms and making amends with myself so that I can live happily.

This web is my diary. I will write about my new experiences and learnings regarding sexuality, which I will share with all of you.

What do nudity, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality mean to me? That is what I want to show in my blog – I will use more than just words.

I will show you through videos and pictures. Besides, in the new private section you will find even more visual content that will widen your experience.

Your subscription will help me keep exploring the fascinating world of sexuality. Thanks to all of you I will be able to offer better and more explicit content.

I know that many people might have experienced similar situations to the ones I share in my blog. I would like this website to become a space for them to express themselves freely about sexuality.

Giovanna Moon.

Defender of healthy sexuality